Coming In 2009: David Haye vs Goliath I & II

Coming In 2009: David Haye vs Goliath I & II

After demolishing Monte Barrett in 5 Rounds David Haye talks about taking on the Klitschko brothers in 2009.

I think the Klitschko's will be a much harder nights work then what Monte Barrett was. David Haye will have his work cut out. The Klitschko style may be boring but it is very effective. I get the feeling David Haye would lose to the Klitschko brothers, i hope im wrong. For what David Haye lacks in defence, he more then makes up for with power, so he stands a change against any of the decent heavyweights out there.

But let's not forget this is the heavyweight division and one punch can change any fight. I think Vitali Klitschko would be too much for David Haye, he can take some serious punishment, like he showed in the Lennox Lewis fight, and can take David Haye into the later rounds, where David Haye is not comfortable and lacks stamina. That could be interesting.

Vitali Klitschko can see holes in David Hayes fight game and i think he wants to get there first to take advantage of them holes.

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