Monday, 17 November 2008

Knowing you can fight

 Knowing You Can Fight

For me, i always feel better when i know i can defend myself if needed. It makes me feel calmer. Knowing that i can fight makes me not need to fight.

Throughout my life i have had times where i am actively training daily. It's rare i will go a week without doing some sort of training. I am a modest guy, but friends are always telling people about me, which is a nice feeling but can make me feel embarrassed at the same time. But if im honest I have always been very strong and could always out-last anyone i trained with. The more people i train with, the more i think that how strong or able you are depends a lot on your genetic makeup (genes). Sure, you can be weak and train to be stronger, but you will never really get much more stronger, no matter how much you train. You then need to work on your mental state.

I don't want to leave out how important being in the right mindset is, specially for fighting and defending yourself. Let's say that on one side you have 1 guy, not a street kid-never in trouble and has a nice family etc etc.

On the other side you have a guy that's in trouble all the time. Knows the street mentality. A guy that will ask you what your looking at if you stare at him for longer then 3 seconds (very childish)

Who do you think will win in a fight? I would bet you money that on average, the street kid would win without a fight even taking place. Intimidation would be all that is needed.

This is just an example of different mindsets but it makes you think. In order to be able to fight, you need to have some sort of fighting mentality. This is where training really can help you.

I would bet you money that if the nice guy in the example knew jui-jitsu, he would be 10 times less easily intimidated by tought talk and would have the confidence to stand up to the bully.

Training does give you the edge. It builds within you an inner confidence which makes you able to either rise above a situation (and not feel a fool) Or deal with a situation that would of been too much for you in the past.

Anyway what im saying is get your ass down to the gym or dojo. You can feel much higher from martial arts and boxing then you can from any drugs. And trust me i know. I have been on both sides. Luckily for me, the drugs and bad habits are all in the past. I live a clean life free from drugs and continue to study martial arts to this day.

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