Audley Harrison Vs Martin Rogan

Audley Harrison Vs Martin Rogan

Martin Rogan Beats Audley Harrison On Points

Well Audley Harrison is still promising big things, people just want to see him stop talking and start fighting and winning in style, then maybe people will regain some confidence in him.

Audley Harrison Vs Martin Rogan should be an exciting fight. Martin Rogan is a tough guy with an unbeaten record, and im sure he wants to keep it that way. Martin Rogan is the underdog in this fight, though im sure he could cause an upset and surprise many people. Having said that i think Audley Harrison will win this fight, he has much more skill then Martin Rogan and will keep the fight at distance jabbing away all night, until he wears Martin Rogan down and goes in for the kill.

Martin Rogan has bags of heart, but there's only so far that will take you. Audley Harrison has too much ring craft for Martin Rogan but if Rogan can get Audley Harrison into a brawl, he could win this.

Knowing Audley Harrison, he will win, but it will be a boring fight for the fans, unless he see's that Martin Rogan is out on his feet he might consider going for the knockout.

In some ways i think Audley Harrison has some good boxing skills, but he just doesn't deliver the goods when its needed, and he talks too much. Audley Harrison needs to keep his head down, win fights, and get in the position for a world title shot. Only after he wins a world title should he say " I told you i would do it". Until then, no ones really interested because they have heard it all from him before.

I think Audley Harrison will win this one quite easily. If he doesn't, his career will be in tatters.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think Marty Rogan can easily beat this guy. In previous fights Rogan has shown himself to be a typical Belfast brawler, but he's been stepping up his training and can very easily cause an upset. I doubt it'll go the distance in either case. A knockout is what will happen tonight, be it Harrison or Rogan, but I reckon it will be Rogan's night. Come on Rogey, show em what Westie fighters are like!

Anonymous said...

I really hope Rogan can do it as well.

OK USA said...

Hey man, i think Rogan is a nice, down to earth, hard working guy and he deserves the win. But, like whats written in this article, i think it matters what fight Audley brings, if its a brawl Rogan will knockout audley. but i don't think audley will want to brawl..He will spear jab all night on the back foot. Lets hope Rogan can get inside. Goodluck Rogan

Anonymous said...

Audley by Knockout within 6 or stoppage from Rogan getting cut badly.God bless um both.

Yes said...

Knew Rogan could do it. Tough guy.

Anonymous said...

Rogan is the man. I knew he could do it. Made ireland proud

Anonymous said...

Audley...Where does he go now..