Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Can Boxing Help With Self Defense?

Can Boxing Help With Self Defense?

The quick answer is yes, boxing can help with self defense. Boxing is not just good for physical training, but also good for your mental state, confidence comes with boxing and the better you get, the more confident you will become. Using it in a real life fighting situation will be easier the more experienced you become.

But never forget this, using any fighting art, boxing or even martial arts in a real fight situation depends on your mental state almost 100%. It depends how "in control" you can stay when the situation is totally real. If you can't stay in control and use what you have learnt, you will just result to swinging punches with no skill what so ever. You have to stay calm and in control. If you get caught in the heat of the moment it can be a bad thing.

The key is to make the art you train in become instinct, in this case the art is boxing. If you can do this then the boxing moves will become your instinct, basically you will do it without even thinking. That's when you know you have become good, when you just react on instinct, not by having to think about what your doing or going to do.

Obviously with a huge amount of fights, there over within a few punches, which doesn't take that much thinking about. So boxing can really help with this type of fight. Boxing will train you to punch properly, turning your body into punches and putting body weight behind them, also making your punches nice and straight, keeping your chin down, not advertising your punches etc.

So yes, boxing is a good thing to learn and can definately help you out in a real life self defense situation.


colin goodall said...

Yes boxing does help in a self defense - real life situation. Great blog - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

boxing will keep you sharp.

Anonymous said...

Boxing is great for fitness and self defense

scouse said...

Ive always rated thai boxing as highly effective in a real fight.

Rahul said...

I'm not sure about self-defence, but boxing helps throw punches accurately and forcefully.

I do a heavy bag workout and my punches were a bit soft in the beginning but now they're strong, fast, and more powerful. I can confidently say I can knock out a bully easily.

But I agree with the author...self-defence depends on your state of mind and boxing training will only complement it.

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