Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts Training

There are so many different types of Martial Arts Training, from Judo to Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kick Boxing, the list is very long and there are new forms of Martial Arts being introduced all the time.

However, some Martial Arts Training methods are more effective in real life situations then others. In many ways all Martial Arts can be helpful for many things, including self confidence, Inner peace, and for many other things including self defense. I would say everyone has their own martial art that they would prefer to practice, or that suits them better as a person. But if we are talking about what Martial Arts Training is the most effective against a real life, LIVE opponent, then you have to look closely.

In my opinion if you have been studying any of the Martial Arts training methods and are totally fluent in it, you should be able to use it in a real fight, but this isn't always the case.

I personally have seen a real street fight between a Judo Black Belt and a normal guy on the street, Guess Who won? The normal guy got into a clinch with the Judo Expert, but the normal guy was able to twist his body and land on top of the Judo Black Belt on the floor, after that the normal guy totally punched the face off the Judo Black Belt until he gave in.

This is just one example to teach you one thing. Never limit yourself to one type of Martial Arts Training, if you do you are going to be weak in another area.

In my opinion the best type of Martial Arts Training for use in real life situations is something that focuses on all types of fighting, ground game, stand up, and all the things in between. This Martial Arts training is known as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), or Vale Tudo (very similar to MMA) Vale Tudo stands for "anything goes" in Portugese.

These two Martial Arts Training methods are very good in many ways, one being time, if you work and socialise, like most people do, you will find it hard to attend mutiple lessons like a boxing lesson and say a Jiu-jitsu lesson if they are on the same day or if they are on a few times a week, you might not be able to free up that many days or hours of your time. With MMA or Vale Tudo the classes focus on everything so there is only one place to attend to learn everything (in time of course). These two Martial Arts Training methods were specifically developed with being able to use them in a real life situation.

Mixed Martial Arts Training will learn you everything, ground fighting, wrestling, submissions, punching, closing the distance, this will give you the best chance, in my opinion, of being able to effectively deal with most real fight situations.

Because with the example above, in this case it's the true story of what i witnessed between a Judo Black Belt and a normal street fighter who trained in no Martial Art or Boxing. Obviously this does matter on the individuals as people, not the art, but in general you have to think, for example, with Judo they practice specific moves over and over in a controlled environment. Your not allowed to try and prevent the move being done on you, in real life there are no set rules, even in Judo sparring your not allowed to do moves that would occur in a real life fight situation, a person in a real fight will tense up and try their hardest to make you not throw them.

So how can you really practice for a real life situation using these methods? In order to practice for real life situations you have to train for them. MMA and Vale Tudo do just that.

Remember, whatever Martial Arts Training you do, never limit yourself to one style. All Martial Arts can be good in their own right but some are way more useful to know in a real life situation.

Don't think im saying Judo is no good, it is very good, but in real life Judo is slightly limited for use as an all round defense system. Doing Judo and Boxing would be much better for real life situations, but if your going to do two, it's great if you have the time to spare, if not go for MMA or Vale Tudo, you get the best of both worlds in terms of time and learning many Martial Arts rolled into one.

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Martial arts training good for mind body and spirit