Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Fighting Over Staring

Fighting Over Staring - True story by the Duke

Where i come from in Scotland there's much trouble on a daily basis. Theres so many gangs around here, your either part of one or you get hassle from them. I have been in gangs since i was a wee kid. Now im 28 and at the age where im sick of fighting over stupid things like territory and staring!. How stupid is that, fighting over staring, its just so childish like. The territory thing is stupid too. Where i live, if you happen to need to go into another part of the area where other gangs, that your not part of hang about, you could be killed. I have lost many a friend through this exact thing, when i say lost, i mean killed, stabbed, beaten, slashed to death. they were killed over nothing really.

I never used to think there was anything silly and immature about this stuff until i got older and more mature. The amount of meaningless brawls i have got into over stupid things like staring is embarrasing to think of. And here in Scotland, things are just getting worse, someone tried to slash me for nothing the other day, just because of a 5 second stare! It's lucky i can run a bit like.

Now that im at the stage where i think it's silly. But how do i break away from most of my friends that ive grown up with that don't think its silly and still get into trouble now..It's hard to break away when you have been part of it for so long.

The trouble here has got a lot to do with drink and drugs, all my mates drink and take drugs. There is so much hate in Scotland. how many more people have to die before something changes, sadly i think many many more. It seems like most of the people here that are involved in gangs and stuff just don't grow out of it, so do but most don't. Is that because they've done it for so long, it's the only thing they know?, who knows, but all i know is i don't want it in my life anymore.


Tonka said...

yeah things are bad in that part. and it is really silly. it's good that you have woke up because your right, it is really stupid, life is meant for having good times, not gang fights and wasting your time on trouble. it's gets you nowhere except prison and keeps you in poverty. Make something of yourself pal, you can do it. Goodluck -

Rasta Jan said...

Im the same bro but i live in london. its like a warzone here! peeps getting juked up everyday. im at the same stage as you, gettin older an realizin theres more to life. said...

It's bad most places nowadays. Something needs to be done. Bring back hanging maybe...

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