Saturday, 31 January 2009

George St.Pierre Stops BJ Penn In 4

George St.Pierre Stops BJ Penn In 4

George St.Pierre has retained his Welterweight Title in spectacular fashion by totally dominating BJ Penn from start to finish. George St.Pierre was even able to take BJ Penn down, which is a very hard thing to do, he has one of the best take down defenses in MMA.

George St.Pierre was very quick with his punches, landing some great shots, his jab was superb. Many times in the fight George St.Pierre was able to get half guard, and at many points looked like he was going for a crucifix, the same move that Matt Hughes used on BJ Penn to stop him in their fight. But it wasn't to be, instead George St.Pierre stayed in a high half guard and done a good job of smothering and landing some big punches down on BJ Penn.

George St.Pierre was just better in everyway, stand up and on the ground, he also looked to be in much better shape as BJ Penn looked very tired pretty early in the fight. This was a total domination by George St.Pierre, who looked superb in every area of his fight game, he has come a long way and has evolved his skills to perfection.

BJ Penn's corner (his brother in particular) didn't want to see him take any more punishment, they could see he was not going to win and looked like he had lost the will to change the fight in his favor so they stopped the fight at the end of the fourth round. BJ Penn looked ok with that decision.

So where does BJ Penn go from here? Well he is still a great fighter and im sure he will be back, but for now George St.Pierre rules the roost and is still the welterweight champion.

Congratulations George St.Pierre!

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mwah said...

gsp is one of the best p4p fighters on the plant

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