Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Carl Froch On Joe Calzaghe's Retirement

Carl Froch On Joe Calzaghe's Retirement

I must say, i was quite annoyed to hear what Carl Froch had to say regarding Joe Calzaghe's retirement, he sounded very jealous and bitter. Carl Froch has made it clear, he has never really liked Joe Cazaghe, i think this could be because Joe has achieved so much and is so highly regarded by so many people in and out of the boxing business as one of the best British boxers ever, which in my opinion he is. Defending the title a record 21 times!, not forgetting unifying the titles. Just look at his fight record of 46-0-32. Take a closer look at Joe Calzaghe's record , it really is a great achievement.

I think Carl Froch should show some respect, just because Joe was at the end of his boxing career and Carl is, in reality, just hitting on the big fights, it's not a reason to hate Joe just because you didn't get to fight him. I'm sure if Joe was at a stage in his career where it made sense to fight Carl Froch I'm sure he would, and I'm certain it would be a very one sided fight in Joe Calzaghe's favor.

Some very big names in boxing have shown a lot of respect to Joe Calzaghe, for his glittering boxing career, and also his unbeaten record, fighters like Roy Jones Jr, Jermain Taylor, Chad Dawson, Mikkel Kessler, David Haye, Barry McGuigan, even Bernard Hopkins, all showed credit where credit is due.

The only one very bitter was Carl Froch, i think this shows resentment, which could come back to bite him. Let's be honest, Carl Froch will never accomplish what Joe Calzaghe has in the ring, he struggled to claim the vacant WBC Super Middle Weight Title, i can't see him defending that belt for a decade!, let alone staying unbeaten now he is starting to get big name fights coming his way.

Face it Carl, Joe Calzaghe is one the best fighters Britain has ever produced, no amount of hating will change that, and no amount of hating will get Joe to make a come back. Carl should concentrate on his own boxing career, stop hating, and hope he goes on to achieve even half of what Joe Calzaghe has, if he does, he would of done well.

Watch what Carl Froch had to say on Joe Calzaghe Retiring


Anonymous said...

Froch is a right idiot. He should be concentrating on his next fight rather then talk trash about a good champion.

Cash Searcher said...

Froch is not a nice guy. He clearly has a thing for calzaghe. Maybe it's because Calzaghe still has his looks intact and Froch never had any in the first place. lol

Welko said...

Joe mate you cant dance. your stiff as a board son..lol

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