Saturday, 21 February 2009

Miguel Cotto Knocks Out Michael Jennings in Round 5

Miguel Cotto Knocks Out Michael Jennings in Round 5

After a cagey start to the fight, where Jennings was keeping out of range on the back foot, Miguel Cotto ends up closing the distance and knocking him out in round 5.

Michael Jennings seemed very nervous from the start of the fight, and seemed like he was scared to get into range, maybe he had a feeling he would not be able to handle Cotto's power.

Once the distance was closed Michael Jennings did throw a few punches but didn't do any damage with the few that landed, it was all Cotto, once he landed some shots, it was just too much power for Jennings to handle.

Jennings was floored in the 4th round by a crisp body shot, once up off the canvas, he was layed into again on the ropes, and what many people thought was the end of the fight was actually just the end of the round, although i think the referee was considering stopping the fight there and then. Micheal Jennings was able to continue for round 5, but wasn't fully recovered from the 4th round knock down, which seemed to take everything out of him.

Jennings was trying to keep his distance and get himself together in round 5, but Miguel Cotto could see this, could see his opponent was hurt, and went in for the kill. Some good shots from Cotto to the head of Micheal Jennings and he was down again and unable to continue, the fight was called to a halt. So Cotto claims the vacant world title.

Credit to Micheal Jennings, he gave it his best shot, i think the massive event got to him mentally, also once he felt the power of Cotto, he knew it was just too much. Good win for Cotto.

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Anonymous said...

knew jennings would get beat. not a bad attempt but cotto is way too strong and powerful. At least
jennings had his chance.

Anonymous said...

\true boy, which is more then most fighters get

Cotto said...

Cotto! Cotto Cotto!

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