David Haye Will Fight Nikolay Valuev November 7th!

The Vitali Klitschko Vs David Haye fight is off!!!! How many times will this happen..This is a disgrace.

David Haye is now fighting Nikolay Valuev on November 7th! Tickets should be available within a week or two from ticketnetwork.

People are saying he has finally woke up and smelt the coffee, and has possibly realised how big of a task it is taking on the Klitschko brothers, particularly Vitali. Basically people are saying Haye has bottled it!

So now the latest turn of events is this Valuev fight.

Nikolay Valuev is massive in comparison to Haye, as he is with everyone! He weighs 23 stone!This is not going to be a walk in the park for Haye, he will need to use good boxing skills, fast footwork and fast hands to win this fight. Nikolay does have decent boxing skills for such a freak show size of a guy, and he can punch a bit. If he catches David Haye's suspect chin clean with those tree trunk arms Hayes going over.

David Haye can win this fight, if he does he will be the new WBA heavyweight champion.

I don't want to write too much about this fight incase it gets cancelled again! Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

How many times will haye change his mind the wimp. Just choose a fight and fight haye! stop posing and start fighting

Anonymous said...

Agreed! David Haye is no good. chose the easy option against valuev.

rico said...

valuev is gonna squashed hayes little head between his legs! Tough fight for haye

aron said...

haye to win - KO in the 5th round.