Monday, 3 August 2009

Junior Witter Quits On His Stool Against Devon Alexander

Junior Witter Quits On His Stool Against Devon Alexander

I must say, i was shocked at the performance of Junior Witter in his title fight with Devon Alexander. Junior Witter basically quit on his stool after the 8th round. He said he just didn't turn up and also hurt his elbow in the fourth round, but to not go on hardly shows fighting spirit and determination, this fight was for the title! To quit like that makes me thinks he is finished and should quit boxing.

Witter looked terrible in every round, throwing wide punches that Devon could see coming a mile away. Getting caught with shots that usually he would not get caught with, let's not forget, he is 35 years old so has not got long left if he decides to fight on.

I know he was fighting away from home and this can effect a fighter if he lets it, but he needed to give this fight everything he had, he has the talent to have won on Saturday night, he just didn't turn up.

After the fight was called off The crowd were shouting Witter the quitter, and rightly so, you can't quit like he did and not expect a reaction from the crowd. Devon Alexander looked good, he fought a great fight and could be on the radar of Amir Khan in the near future. This was a fight that Junior Witter was chasing but that looks to be well off the cards now.


Website Hosting free said...

Witter should quitter.

Anonymous said...

Witter the quitter hahaha

Anonymous said...

devon alexander llooks like a good prospect

carl said...

Has witter retired from boxing?

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