Audley Harrison Wants Klitschko Brothers

Audley Harrison Wants To Fight The Klitschko Brothers

Audley Harrison has landed a shot at the European Heavyweight Title, and if he comes through that fight victorious, he say's he wants to fight one, or both of the Klitschko brothers. He said he doesn't want to fight David Haye because Haye isn't all that well known in the USA yet, but the Klitschko's are the guys on everyone's lips, so he want's to fight them.

Has he earnt a shot a the Klitschko's?

No, I don't think he has to be honest, Audley has lost to almost every decent fighter he has ever faced. He doesn't hold any belts at heavyweight, and even if he wins the European heavyweight title, that doesn't mean much. The European heavyweight title is not held in high regard, and is nowhere near the acheivement level or status of all the other major heavyweight belts, including the WBA heavyweight title that David Haye now holds.

Good Publicity for Audley?

I think that's all this is. Audley has seen what David Haye has done in terms of calling out the Klitschko's, getting in the public eye, on the news, youtube etc etc. And he has thought to himself - Why not do that, why do i have to lose. He knows that if that method succeeds, he will land a big money fight, and a big time title if he was to pull off an upset (Not much chance of that). There is also no shame if he loses to the Klitschko's, so it's a win win situation for Audley. Audley is close to 40 years old too, so it's a last chance saloon for him to land a big fight before he retires.

In my opinion, Audley does not deserve a shot at any of the top heavyweight belts, even if he wins the European heavyweight title in style. Until he fights and defeats some of the good heavyweight boxers, he should not get a shot. He simply doesn't deserve it until he takes on better opposition.

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Audley is a big guy with not much heart. That is why his career has not reached its true potential

sodamperno said...

Audley is one silly joke. How can he expect a shot at the heavyweight championchip of the world when he couldn't even beat taxi driver marty rogan..

audley is living in lala land. he lies to himself, convincing himself that hes a good fighter, when nothing could be further from the truth.

this guy is the biggest flop ever to leave the olympics with a gold medal.

he beat a few bricklayers and van drivers in prizefighter now he thinks hes the man to beat lol

wake up audley. and david haye would beat fraudley in a few rounds.

at least haye fought the best a cruiserweight AND WON all the belts, so i can understand him getting a title shot at heavy.

merkit said...

has audley brought a book out yet? biography???

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Anonymous said...

Albert Sosnowski is now fighting vitali klitschko. so audley will have to fight someone else, not for a big title

dc3 said...

audleys a broken record...same same talk over and over

jlo said...

Audleys been put on the backburner......He should fight chisora

Anonymous said...

audley harrison is a joker

Anonymous said...

sprott KO!