Saturday, 13 February 2010

Derek Chisora Beats Carl Baker

Derek Chisora Beats Carl Baker

There were some good fights on the card tonight for the all British boxing night held at the Wembley Arena in London, with mostly new up and comers from the UK proving there worth and moving one step closer to bigger and better things. Every boxer that was tipped to win did win! From Frankie Gavin (won on points), to Degale, stopping his opponent in the second round. Mitchell had a great win, knocking his opponent out with a great punch to the temple. Also Nathan Cleverly demolished a decent Italian boxer to claim the vacant European Title.

But out of all the fights, the one i really wanted to see was the fight between Heavyweights Derek Chisora and Carl Baker. There was an incident at the weigh in, which almost ended up in a fight. Derek Chisora Kissed Carl Baker smack on the lips!! Chisora actually cupped Bakers cheeks with his hands and planted a smacking kiss right on the mouth! After this incident i thought the fight would be very interesting! But it wasn't to be.

Don't get me wrong the fight was ok while it lasted, but that wasn't long. Chisora stopped Carl Baker in the second round. Chisora caught Baker with a huge over hand punch that rocked Baker, and after that punch landed he never fully recovered. Baker was in survival mode until the ref stepped in and stopped the fight. If Baker would of came into the fight in better shape he could of survived the second round, but he looked completely nackered after the 1st round. He came to this fight in seriously bad shape, he has never been noted for his stamina, but two rounds...He must of done 1 round on the bag and one round of skipping throughout his whole training camp, he looked that bad! Baker wasn't knocked out, he just wasn't throwing any punches back and could hardly stay on his feet due to the pressure from Chisora, because he knew Carl Baker was hurt, and totally gassed out, so he went in for the kill and got the stoppage.

Chisora stays unbeaten with a record of 12-0.


Anonymous said...


R1 flyin said...

chisora is better then i gave him credit for. I shrugged him off as an all talker but hes not bad

If he can stop with the silly games and grow up he could be a force

Jet engine in a mini said...

It was the type of kiss your grandma would give you!"! lol

Anonymous said...

chisora vs david haye

big101 said...

something different from del boy trotter

tyson fury should step up and fight him

Anonymous said...

"im gonna make you my girlfriend" yeah - KISS! lol quality

Anonymous said...

kiss baker, and then even battered him!!

carl baker must be angry at that

78954 said...

whos chisora fighting next

Anonymous said...


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