Thursday, 17 June 2010

Andre Ward Vs Allan Green

Andre Ward Vs Allan Green

The Super six tournament continues on it's journey to find a winner with this excellent match up between Andre Ward and Allan Green, which takes place this weekend. This is Allan Green's first fight of the tournament, seeing him take the place of Jermain Taylor, who pulled out of the tournament after losing to Arthur Abraham by knockout.

Allan Green has a chance to win against anyone in this tournament, mainly because he has good power and decent boxing skills. It's unfortunate for Green that he has Andre Ward as his first opponent. Ward is on fire after beating Kessler to claim the WBA title. Kessler was the favorite to win the tournament before he got beat by Ward, and in the fashion that Ward beat him, I think it's safe to say that many people were shocked. Loads of people are saying that Ward has got this tournament in the bag, but I don't think it's that clean cut yet.

There are some great fighters that have lost in this tournament, fighters that were previously unbeaten. These fighters, Abraham, Froch, Kessler will give it there absolute all. Just look at how Kessler came back after losing to Ward in his comeback fight with Froch. They are all proud champions, they have tasted defeat and im sure they won't want to again. The super six tournament is still anyones, it's wide open.

Before Allan Green took the place of Jermain Taylor he was talking alot about why wasn't he chosen from the start to be in this tournament. He was saying he could beat every guy in the tournament. Well, now he is in the tournament he has the chance to show us all what he said was not just talk. Make no mistake, Allan Green is the underdog in this fight. Green is also in need of a knockout in order to gain a much needed 3 points in this tournament. He is starting late so he needs these 3 points and I beleive he will go looking to knock Ward out from the first bell.

Andre Ward is so skilled, so sharp, and so focused that I beleive he will beat Green, but he will get hurt in the process, his punch resistance will be tested. The question is, can Ward take Allan Green's heavy punching power that has seen Green get the win by KO over many of his previous opponents? We will find out on Saturday night.

This will be a great fight, do not miss it.

Prediction: Andre Ward by decision.


Anonymous said...

ward ud. green to slow

bolo said...

Greens beat mostly bums, wards on another level to green

Anonymous said...

Green was useless!!! Green was all talk no bite.

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