Monday, 22 November 2010

Michael Katsidis Vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Michael Katsidis Vs Juan Manuel Marquez

Very rarely do boxing fans get two fights taking place on the same night that have the potential of being fights of the year. First off is the fight between Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham for the WBC Super Middleweight title. Then it's Michael Katsidis vs Juan Manuel Marquez. I cannot wait for this fight. This is a match made in heaven if your a boxing fan that loves to watch two world class fighters with huge hearts, enormous pride, and excellent boxing skills go to war from the first bell to the last.

I beleive that Marquez has the edge in boxing skills and ability, but the edge in power and brute force has to go to Katsidis. Michael Katsidis is like a bull in a china shop, which is why I think he will cause a lot of problems for the aging 37 year old warrior Marquez. Even though this fight is taking place in Marquez's home of Mexico, Katsidis travels very well, and I'm confident he will not be fazed in the slightest. I should also point out that this was not a fight that Marquez has chosen, he had to accept this fight because Katsidis is the mandatory challenger for the title. So it's either face Katsidis or lose your title belt.

One concern with Katsidis is that his boxing style see's him take many punches on his way to landing his own, couple that with how accurate a counter puncher Marquez is and you have the potential for Katsidis taking some punishment, getting cut early, or even knocked out. ~Saying that, I think that Katsidis will get hit, but will get inside regularly, and successfully go to work, landing some great head and body punches. I see Katsidis being way too strong for Marquez to keep him off all night. It's a tough fight for both fighters, but Katsidis has the hunger, style and strength to beat Marquez.

Preditction: Katsidis to knock Marquez out late in the fight.


Anonymous said...

marquez aint ashed up yet. he will deal with katsidis said...

Well, I was totally wrong on this one. although Katsidis give it his all, it wasnt enough. Marquez still has a hell of a lot left.

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