Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Finally A Klitschko Vs David Haye?

Finally A Klitschko Vs David Haye?

This fight now has nothing standing in it's way. Both guys want the fight, and both have agreed to a 50 / 50 split of all the money. The only thing now left to decide is the venue. Personally I think it would make the most money in either Germany or the UK. Both Wladimir and David Haye will be pushing for home advantage, and it's anyones guess on who will win that one. Maybe it will end up being held in a neutral venue like Las Vegas. Heavyweight boxing needs this fight.

Can David Haye Beat Wladimir?

Although I have followed David Haye's boxing career for quite a while, it's his last few fights that have impressed me the most. I know he hasn't faced the best opponents in the division, but they have been decent fighters in one way or another. With Audley Harrison not included. Haye has shown excellent skills, extreme calmness, and has been able to stick to his gameplans perfectly. I think Haye stands a very good chance of beating Wladimir. It's no easy task but I think Haye will have the same mindset and focus that he has had for his last few fights, and that will give him the confidence to pressure Wladimir, get in close, and land some devastating punches.

If Haye can get past Wladimirs jab I can see it being a fairly easy win for Haye. I just hope Haye doesn't underestimate the range and sense of distance that Wladimir has. Previous Wladimir opponents have all realised once in the ring with him that it's extremely difficult to close the distance on Wladimir because he either jumps out of range, reseting the distance, pumps the jab out, or ties up. It's much harder then it looks from outside the ring.

People think Wladimirs style is boring, it is when you look at past champions like Mike Tyson and George Foreman. But as boring as his style might look, it is very effective. As good as Wladimir is, and he is a very good, careful boxer no doubt about it, but I think his punch resistance will be tested in this fight. When Wladimirs had to take punches in past fights he has either been hurt or stopped, and Haye does have the power to knockout Wladimir. If Haye can get Wladimir hurt he will go for the kill, Haye won't let him off the hook. Wladimir, once hurt, does not have good recouperative powers what so ever. He stays hurts for a long time, which is a worrying weakness to have against a big puncher like Haye.

Boxing is about levels..Is David Haye at the same level as Wladimir, or one or two below. I think Hayes defense is slightly lacking, he does get hit, just look at the Ruiz fight, Haye was hit far too much, and Ruiz was at the end of his career. Haye cannot afford to get hit by Wladimir like that or it will be lights out for Haye. However, I do know that Haye didn't train much for the Ruiz fight and I expect him to train much harder for his career defining fight against Wladimir.

This will be one of the biggest heavyweight fights for quite some time and I can't wait to see it finally take place.


Anonymous said...

vlad by easy ko

xyz said...

haye needs to stop chattin now and fight the russians

tortuer said...

wladimirs an elite level fighter. he'll brutalize Haye. Make a pizza face for 12 rounds with his jab.

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