Thursday, 27 January 2011

Timothy Bradley Vs Devon Alexander

Timothy Bradley Vs Devon Alexander

Bradley Beats Alexander

Even if the heavyweight division is lacking at the moment, the 140 pound division makes up for it in my opinion. The best fighters at 140 are facing each other. Just look at this match up between Bradley and Alexander, both fighters are unbeaten and on top of their game, willing to put their unbeaten records on the line to prove whos the better fighter. One things for sure in this fight, someones 0 is gonna go!. Amir Khan Vs Marcos Maidana is another good example of the best guys fighting each other at this weight class.

I do think that this fight has the potential to be a chess match. Both fighters are very sharp, very good boxers, so I think the fight will have a cagey start. However, this fight will warm up after a few rounds because both fighters are crowd pleasers and will take risks to give the people a good show, even more so with their being so much on the line.

Bradley has a huge hunger to take on the best fighters and I beleive he is the better fighter in this fight. He is unpredictable with his punches, has excellent body attacks, head movement, grit and sheer determination to win. Bradley's been knocked down in fights but has still climbed off the canvas to win the fight. Bradley does have the better "all round", more fluid boxing skills. Alexander will have to be at his best to beat Bradley.

This fight is by no means a walk over for Bradley. Alexander also has very good boxing skills, and has more punching power then Bradley. I know styles make fights but maybe Devon Alexanders last performance against Andreas Kotelnik is having an effect on my judgement for this fight. Not taking anything away from Kotelnik, he is a tough match for anyone in his weight class, he gave Marcos Maidana and Amir Khan tough fights, but Alexander, tipped as the next up and coming boxing star was meant to beat Kotelnik quite easily. Instead, this fight ended up being Alexanders toughest so far, and many people actually thought he lost. It was a very close fight, with many people saying Alexander's lack of experience showed in the fight and that he was exposed. Personally I think Alexander was very lucky to get the win, he clearly lost the fight by a few rounds.

Bradley Vs Alexander Who Wins?
I think Alexander will have some good moments in the fight, but Bradley will be the one pushing the action, on the front foot applying the pressure. This could see Bradley take some counter punches, but he is very elusive and I don't think he will be detered. I see Bradley taking the fight to Alexander, and in the process landing some really good, point scoring punches that see Bradley winning a clear decision on the scorecards.

The winner of this fight will most probably take on Amir Khan next. So, no matter who wins out of Bradley and Alexander we have another excellent fight to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

great great fight. cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

weigh in?

ID ME said...

I hear the fights struggle to make money, shame cus these two are a cut above the rest

Alexander-Bradley Weigh-In said...

Alexander-Bradley Weigh-In

Anonymous said...

bradleys abs oh my gosh! mans in serious shape

stussy said...

kendall hollt on the undercard........................

212211 said...

braggin rights for the winner. may the best man win

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