Monday, 18 April 2011

Anderson Silva Vs George St. Pierre

UFC - Anderson Silva Vs George St. Pierre

This is the MMA equivalent of Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva are two of the absolute best, if not thee two best MMA fighters on the planet. No matter who wins, or how they win, both fighters deserve the upmost respect for being at the very top of there chosen sport.

For this fight to become reality GSP has to beat Jake Shields at UFC 129 (GSP's next fight), and let me tell you, this is no easy task. Jake Shields is a very good fighter, he could cause an upset, he definitely has the ability to do so.

Is this danger in the making for George St. Pierre? Everyone is talking about George St. Pierre Vs Anderson Silva, completely looking past Jake Shields straight to Anderson Silva, lets hope that GSP doesn't look past Shields and is fully focused and motivated for his next task before the superfight with Silva. It must be tough for GSP for concentrate just on Shields, specially with every interviewer he's talking to asking him questions about fighting Anderson Silva. GSP is a true professional though and I can't see him taking his eye off the task in hand, he lost the last time he done that against Matt Serra, and I doubt he will make the same mistake again.

While George St. Pierre does all his moves perfect and the way they were traditionaly taught to him with a few exceptions thrown in, a very good solid stand up and ground game, Silva is the total opposite, he is so unpredictable, so unorthadox, so in sync with his feet and hands, that he is extremely tough to train for and even harder to beat. He also has that rare ability to try crazy moves in fights and actually pull them off. He really is a "thinking mans fighter", a completely spontaneous fighter.

Many fighters try fancy kicks and off the wall moves in training, but hardly any of them really use them in a real MMA match, but Anderson Silva actually uses them in a real MMA fight against a tough opponent - and pulls them off. He reminds me of a line that Bruce Lee was once asked in a movie: What is the highest technique you wish to achieve? Bruce Lee replied, "To have no technique". This is the level that Anderson Silva has achieved, he has no set technique, everything he does in a fight is completely for the moment and depends on how an opening or opponent reveals themself.

If they do fight, and while I really respect GSP's stand up, I Believe his best chance to win against Silva would be on the ground, Silva's stand up is just too dangerous. GSP is very strong and he has excellent take downs, so this could be a fight winner if he can time his takedowns correct, get Silva down and not give him any room to breath, following up with some GSP style ground and pound, which could win him the fight either by strikes or submission.

One major factor in this fight could be the weight it takes place at. Both fighters would probably be most happy meeting somewhere in the middle, maybe at around 185 pounds. Some people say that Anderson Silva can still make 170lbs and meet George St. Pierre at his own weight (Welterweight), but would he be the same fighter after cutting so much weight? I think the best, and more fairer option would be a catchweight of around 180 - 185.

On there day either of these fighters can beat anyone, including each other. I hope it happens, it will be great for the UFC and MMA in general.


Anonymous said...

silva ftw

Anonymous said...

shields will beat gsp so no fight with silva gona happen.

Anonymous said...

Shields wont win. His last fight and only fight in the UFC, he tired out after first round and barely pulled off a split decision. Not worth watching for the caliber of GSP. What a waste of time. The only reason he got this fight is that he has a star agent who can sell snow to an eskimo. GSP vs Silva would be a fight to watch.

Anonymous said...

UFC or not shields has beat some top opposition - Robbie Lawler Dan Henderson and Mayhem Miller Spring to mind.

jake shields George St Pierre Weigh in said...

jake shields George St Pierre Weigh in

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