Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Carl Froch Vs Glen Johnson

Carl Froch Vs Glen Johnson

Carl Froch will be defending his WBC Super Middle Weight Title on Saturday night against Glen Johnson. The winner of this fight not only has the WBC title, but also goes through to the final of the Super Six Tournament to face Andre Ward. Glen Johnson's a very tough old workhorse fighter. He's been in with almost all the great fighters of his era, and done very well against them too. Glen Johnson is now in his early 40's but don't let that fool you. Even today, he is still fighting and beating top class fighters. He has a boxing style that is very hard to neutralise. Basically, he just keeps walking his opponent down, and sooner or later he catches up with them. It's hard for an opponent to stay away from Johnson for the whole 12 rounds. He is great at working on the inside and equally as good at mixing his punches from head to body. Johnson's overhand right is something that Carl Froch should be weary of..

Although Johnson is way past his prime and everyone expects a Carl Froch win, he still has a tough fight on his hands. Johnson is a really tough opponent, very awkward and very strong. Carl's tactics have to be right for this match. If he uses his range and movement for most of the fight he should win. But if he abandons his gameplan and trys to have a tear up with Johnson he could very well find himself in deep trouble. Not saying Carl can't go toe to toe, we have seen in previous fights that he can have a tear up with the best of them. But he doesn't need to risk fighting like that in this fight. Box clever and Froch wins on points. If Froch want's a war he plays into Johnsons hands and Froch could possibly be saying bye bye to his WBC title and a place in the super six final.

Something tells me that Carl won't be silly in this fight. He's not stupid, he knows he has to fight clever against Johnson. Should be a very interesting fight.


John-S said...

How anyone can say boxing is in decline is beyond me. MMA has its place but it'll never replace boxing.

PDO said...


Anonymous said...

knew froch would win. cant see him beating ward

penfold said...

froch got hit loads last nite verus an old man

Anonymous said...

Old man...Johnsons a real contender, even at 42. He would give anyone problems.

junglejohn said...

even haye said froch is number 1 in uk

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