Tuesday, 28 June 2011

David Haye Vs Wladimir Klitschko Fight

David Haye Vs Wladimir Klitschko Fight

"Unlike all the fat little American puddings who come over here just to get a cheque and get beat, Wladimir has got to face a faster, harder-punching, hungry, fit athlete in his prime."

These were David Haye's words on his opponent, Wladimir Klitschko.

Will Haye be able to back up his big-talk when he squares off against the man who, along with his big brother, has pretty much owned the heavy weight division for the past six years? Despite how you feel about the heavyweight division's quality this past ten years, it still takes a pretty harsh outlook to deny Wladimir Klitschko his dues.

"This was once one of the great prizes in sport, Klitschko has killed that. I hold him responsible for the huge fall off in interest in the heavyweight division. He has bored us for years. I even hate his voice, which is like Borat." With statements like these, and many, many more,  it's clear Haye doesn't think so.

Haye has always had a big mouth, yet he's always had that big right hand to back it up, but there are some who feel he's taking things too far this time. Yes, of course, he's talking things up, selling the fight - that's what boxers do. But while sometimes comical, his loutish, crass tactics are in stark contrast to Mr Klitschko's well spoken, articulate responses: "when he says that I have only fought bums he is disrespecting his 49 fellow professionals who I knocked out, as well as me."

Even if Haye wins, will he be able to wash all the bad blood off? Is this kind of thing good for the sport? Then again, if you consider Haye's imminent retirement (stop that sniggering) it may not matter that much to him. But if he loses, he won't be able to see for all the egg on his face. Haye has talked himself into a corner, but maybe this is what he wants.

Haye has speed and power, something that his opponent has struggled against before. South African slugger, Corrie Sanders, was able to show what a smaller, determined man with heavy hands could do to Wladimir. Back in 2003 Sanders was able to take the WBO belt away from him with a barrage of short, powerful punches that rocked the big Ukrainians' world, dropping him four times. Haye is certainly capable of delivering such power - maybe even more - to Klitschko's chin.

Then again, some think Wladimir Klitschko was arrogant and complacent against Sanders, not taking him seriously; inexcusable, yes, but not something he's done since and certainly not a trick he'll be repeating when he faces down Haye come July 2nd.

One thing Wladimir Klitschko isn't is stupid, and you can be certain he's done his homework, training hard preparing for his smaller and faster opponent. He'll be aiming to keep that iron jab of his pumping into Haye's face as often as possible, and with that big right hand cocked and ready to land. If Wladimir can effectively balance these two big weapons, he could certainly bring Haye down.

Regardless of the hype, I have a feeling we are going to experience a thrilling  fight this Saturday, and I for one, won't be missing it.


paddy1 said...

I hope to see a good fight

Anonymous said...

Yeah should be a great a fight. Nice artical and cool blog : )

pizzaface lol said...

Hayes gonna get a good pizzface with Wlads jab.

hi said...

want haye to loose cus hes retiring anyway and im from uk

Anonymous said...

hayes dirty mouth is about to be filled with a big boxing glove

jokich said...

Funny how all people thinking Haye will win are british. BIAS or scared to go against a fellow countryman

87y said...

proper let down fight. Glad i didnt pay for it

blintourny said...

haye couldnt land any clean punches on vlad. it was nice to see him humbled and now he sees that he no different to vlads other opponents. hes been brought back down to earth he was believing his own hype

long reign the gentleman klitschkos. haye was immature and disrespectfull all the way through. he has no respect and now they taught him some the hard way

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