Friday, 17 June 2011

Saul Alvarez Vs Ryan Rhodes

 Saul "Canelo" Alvarez Vs Ryan Rhodes

Saul Alvarez Weighed in @ 153.2 - Ryan Rhodes @ 152.8

Saul Alvarez takes on his second British fighter in a row by taking on Ryan Rhodes tomorrow night. Here we have a hot prospect in Alvarez, against a battle hardend veteran in Ryan Rhodes. Both have looked vunerable in past fights in regards to punch resistance, and both have good punching power, so this is an exciting match up.

The question is, who is at world level between these two? I think Saul Alvarez is the one that has the more skill and potential as a whole, and also the one that will go on to achieve a lot in boxing. But as mentioned above, he is a fairly static fighter who stays in the pocket long enough after throwing punches to get hit himself. He does get hit. Alvarez took many punches against Matthew Hatton  but luckily Matthew didn't have the power to trouble Alvarez. Ryan Rhodes does have that power, so if Alvarez gets caught with even half the amount of shots Matthew Hatton caught him with he will know he's in a real fight.

Alvarez does have home advantage in this fight, which counts for a lot when you consider that home advantage for Alvarez means 99.9% of all people in the arena are routing for an Alvarez win.

Ryan Rhodes is no joke, he is a tough test for Alvarez. Rhodes has matured like a fine wine, his early boxing career did have some set backs, but as he has gotten older and more experienced he has actually evolved and become a much more well rounded fighter. I believe Ryan Rhodes is at his best right now and if there's ever been a time when Rhodes was capable of mixing at world level and winning a world title based on skill, experience, and maturity, it's now.

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