Thursday, 16 February 2012

Chisora Vs Klitschko Stare Down

Chisora Vs Klitschko Stare Down

Both fighters seemed to be in good spirits after the final press conference, and I think they actually quite like each other as mostly all their meetings have been like this. Don't think that this fight is going to be a friendly sparring match though. This will be an exciting fight. The WBC title is on the line and Vitali's not going to give that up without one heck of a fight.

I do think that Chisora is slightly deluded thinking that Vitali's scared of him, which is something that Chisora has been saying in many of his interviews. I'm not sure why he thinks that but I believe it has something to do with Wladimir pulling out of their arranged fight because of an injury. Personally, I don't think neither of the Klitschko brothers are scared of Chisora one bit. But I guess it makes Chisora feel like he has an edge over them. Maybe that's what he needs to get himself in the zone in order put on his best performance ever. Still, many doubt that it will be enough to win on Saturday night. But a good performance will no doubt raise his profile and that's a good consolation when tasting defeat. That and a nice pay-check!.

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