Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tyson Fury Vs Martin Rogan

Tyson Fury Vs Martin Rogan

This fight is being held at the Odyssey Arena on 14 April 2012.

Although this fight will be a great occassion in Belfast, it's not really the fight people want to see. Everyone wanted Tyson Fury Vs David Price but it's never going to happen. In a few Tyson Fury interviews he stated that Martin Rogan was of no use to him inside a boxing ring because he was too old and too slow. Fury was convinced Rogan was just looking for his last big pay day. Now, Fury has totally changed his tune, stating that Rogan's a good fighter who comes to fight and will be a tough test.

Tyson Fury has said that fighting David Price makes no sense because Price isn't rated very high in the world rankings yet. So where is Martin Rogan rated then? He's nowhere to be seen. The only excuse for Tyson Fury not stepping up in class is that he has only had 17 fights, so is still quite inexperienced as a professional. But then again so is Dereck Chisora and he's just give Vitali Klitschko a run for his money.

This fight will be boring and is a step backwards for Fury. But I guess it's more about the dollars. Martin Rogan will be dangerous for a few rounds but after that this fight will be a hold and hug love affair. Martin Rogan's no spring chicken now at 40 years old, and add to that, his last fight was in 2010 against Werner Kreiskott (8-14-1) and that fight went to a points win for Rogan.

This is a good opportunity for Rogan. I hope he's still got one huge fight left inside himself, and he gives Fury his hardest fight to date.

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