Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jon Jones Beats Rashad Evans

Jon Jones Beats Rashad Evans

Jon Jones beats Rashad Evans on points. Jon Jones was dominant in every round, controlling the pace and centre of the octagon with relative ease. Rashad Evans did have some small spurts of success, landing some decent punches and kicks, but it was Jon Jones who landed the more vicious strikes and was the dominant force for most of the fight. Rashad was on the backfoot for most of the 1st round, and although he did land a very good headkick, most of the action was coming from Jon Jones who landed some very good head and body kicks and controlled the pace very well.

Rashad Evans started the second round very fast, showing very good speed. But again, Jones started closing the distance and landing some devastating elbows to Rashad's face which had him seriously rocked but he managed to hang in there.

The 3rd round and Evans was on the outside, eating the occasional jab and flying knee, looking tired, obviously feeling the pace. Jon Jones landed some superb kicks and pushed the action, using his range, controlling the pace and centre of the octagon.

Again, the 4th round was Jones in charge of the action, landing more elbows and kicks. He even started to shoulder barge Rashad Evans face as Evans was catching a rest by leaning on Jones shoulder. Rashed just wasn't doing enough. The 5th round more dominance by Jones and more shoulder barging. Rashad Evans was simply outclassed by the more talented Jon Jones. There was a few takedown attempts by Evans but Jones was too sharp and too strong for Rashad to take down. The only time this fight went to the ground was when Jones jumped and wrapped his legs around Evans in the final seconds of the 5th round, deliberately pulling guard. A great indicator of how confident Jon Jones is.

Good win for Jon Jones.

UFC 145 Post Fight Video: Rashad Evans Gracious In Defeat, Pays Jon Jones His Deserved Respect.


dre-zule said...

whats up now jones haters???? yeah u better stay humbled

Anonymous said...

whos jones fighting next?

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