Floyd Mayweather Vs Miguel Cotto

Floyd Mayweather Vs Miguel Cotto

Floyd Mayweather picks Miguel Cotto as his next victim to make a fight that will possibly be close to identical to what Mayweather had against Shane Mosley. But maybe more of a bloodbath.

This fight will most probably end with Cotto being cut to ribbons due to Floyds accuracy and Cotto's tendency to get cut and marked up pretty easily. Cotto looked great against the Frankenstein of the lighter weights of boxing, Antonio Margarito, but Floyd Mayweather is such a superior boxer and defensive movement master that it's hard to see Cotto making any impact at all in this fight. What are Cotto's tactics going to be in this fight? Try and out-box Mayweather? Not in a million years. Rush in with all guns blazing and risk getting knocked out? Floyd Mayweather is a counter puncher so if Cotto can feint a lot and try to time Mayweathers responses perhaps it could be a little closer then people think.

Cotto's could also stand a chance if he try's to maul Mayweather. Close the distance and go to work body and head. Easier said then done against Mayweather. And I believe that these are the tactics the Cotto camp are going to try and use in this fight, but no matter who they have sparred with in order to prepare for this gameplan they just can't compare to Mayweather. Not matter which way you look at it, Cotto's in for a very tough nights work. Floyd Mayweather has chose to fight Cotto because he can see many holes that he can exploit. Mayweather's even said, "You can change Cotto's style at this late stage of his boxing career". So he knows exaclty who and what he's facing on May 5th.

This is a great fight from a money point of view, and also for the fans. Cotto has a huge fan base, and fans always buy PPV when Mayweathers fighting. Whether they tune in to watch Mayweather dismantle someone or to see him lose or get knocked out makes no difference, they still pay for the fight. Personally I love watching Floyd Mayweather, and not because I want him to lose. I believe he is the best P4P boxer out there right now. And will remain the best for another two years.

Does anyone think Cotto has a chance of winning this fight? Cotto's a very good fighter and a great guy but he doesn't stand much chance of beating Floyd Mayweather Jr. Cotto is too slow hand and foot. Mayweather will dominate this fight with sheer speed, accuracy, and elusiveness. But, you can never say never in boxing!



Anonymous said...

They are making quite a bit of money for this fight. They both are really good fighters and their stats show that. I think Mayweather and his skills will defeat Cotto, but we will have to wait and see tomorrow. Watching this fight in HD on PPV is going to be amazing because there is nothing better than watching a great fight in a crystal clear picture. I love having Dish for my service provider because they have the most HD in the industry, so I know I can get most of the fights in a crystal clear picture. I have some co-workers from Dish coming over to watch Mayweather and Cotto duke it out. This will definitely be the fight of the year.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Mayweather KO

000 said...

what an upset if cotto won

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