Friday, 18 May 2012

Mikkel Kessler Vs Allan Green Weigh-In

Mikkel Kessler Vs Allan Green Weigh-In

Kessler Vs Green Should be an interesting fight for a few rounds. But I'm surprised Green is being given this chance because he's looked shot as a fighter. After a few rounds he becomes very tired and weak. Not sure why. Before the boxing matches he states that he's in excellent shape and never felt better. Then he gets battered. He is a fighter that has been on the slip. Hopefully he will have some of his old fire back in this fight.

Green will try to make this fight a clinical boxing match, using boxing skills and awkwardness to frustrate and confuse Kessler. But Green doesn't have the engine to do that for 12 rounds. At some point he will get tired, and Kessler will catch up with him sooner or later. There's only going to be one winner...Kessler! Enjoy the weigh-in.

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