Pacquiao Robbed Vs Timothy Bradley

Pacquiao Robbed Vs Timothy Bradley

After watching the fight up until the last second of the last round I turned the fight off before the decision was announced because I knew it was a complete shut out. Pacquiao had beaten Bradley quite easily. I wake up today and take a look on YouTube and see that Bradley won the decision!..How is that possible. He hardly won a round. He won 3 or 4 rounds at the most. Bradley fought with courage and did have some good moments but plain and simple, Pacquiao got robbed.

From the first bell it was clear that Timothy Bradley didn't have enough power to trouble Manny, and you could see that Manny was well aware of this flaw. Pacquiao took some flush punches and it didn't seem to bother him at all. This was not the case the other way round. Pacquiao's huge power and speed advantage had Bradley in trouble numerous times and he was lucky to survive some of the exchanges. Bradley's boxing and tying up skills saved him from being stopped. It was what some people said it would be. Just like some of Pacquiao's previous opponents, once they felt the power they were on the back foot in survival mode, and Bradley was no exception. Once he felt the power you could see that he thought -Oh sh*t- and he was then on the back foot for a lot of the fight in survival mode. No one expected this of Bradley because he is a come forward fighter with a huge heart and determination to win.

So even more credit goes to Manny Pacquiao for convincingly beating Bradley and making him understand and taste first hand the skill and power level of one of the best boxers in the sport today. He knew he was out of his depth. Fair enough, Pacquiao did take his foot off the gas in some of the rounds, but what did Bradley do at those moments, land a small flurry of punches with zero power and then go on the back foot again..Is that enough to win the round. It shouldn't be. Bradley had more success in the later rounds, but it was too little too late.

Bradley never knew what hit him in this fight. Deep down inside he must know he lost, no matter what the decision was. Paquiao won this fight. And that's coming from someone who actually picked Bradley to win and made money on Bradley winning the decision. Even Floyd Mayweather Sr, Pacquiao's best friend lol said Manny won.

However, theres is no sense in blaming Timothy Bradley, he fought the best he could, lasted till the end and won an extremely controversial decision. Who's to blame? The judges most probably. Or was (is) there a hidden agenda by some of the big fish of the boxing world here somewhere..

Great win for Pacquiao.

There is only one person left for Pacquiao to fight and we all know who that is. Then after that who else is there?


Anonymous said...

Boxing is corrupt thats why MMA is taking over

Anonymous said...

bradley came to the post conference is a wheel chair lmao

Retech Son said...

Welcome back bro. I thought you'll stop writing due to lack of time.

I do agree with you here... and he was robbed. Something fishy about it also, and in my opinion it Bob Arum's maneuver.

Check my opinion in this fight here.

canyoufight said...

Hi, yeah just a bit busy at the moment, but when something catches my interest I'll write a post. The Pacman - Bradley fight was a fix and if they fight again I think people should boycott the fight and not buy PPV.