Friday, 30 November 2012

David Price Stops Matt Skelton

In what turned out to be another early night for David Price, he ends up stopping Matt Skelton in 2 rounds with Skelton not putting up that much resistance. I expected more of Matt Skelton as in previous fights he has been very durable and always comes to fight. However, age has caught up with him. He is now 45 years old and hasn't been the most active of fighters in recent years. And with a prospect like David Price, people were giving him a slim to no chance of causing an upset.

Skelton did connect with a few over hand punches that landed flush in the face of Price but he was able to effectively tie Skelton up and seemed to take the punches well. The end came with a David Price body shot that sent Skelton to the canvas.

An offer of £650,000 was made after the fight to Tyson Fury and his camp to accept a fight against Price. But these two seem to be moving in different directions right now, and it seems like Price and Fury will fight at some point because there is just too much interest in the fight, just not right now.

So David Price remains unbeaten and now the attention moves over to Tyson Fury who takes on Kevin "King Pin" Johnson tomorrow night. This will be an interesting fight with the winner in line for a shot at the WBC Title that is currently held by Vitali Klitschko. There has been a few comments that Kevin Johnson is not in shape for this fight, and even some of Kevin Johnson's own radio comments have implied that he hasn't had much training for this fight. Hopefully Tyson Fury, as I'm sure he will be, is fully aware of this and takes full advantage by using his height and weight to tire Johnson out for the first few rounds and then start applying the pressure when Johnson tires out. Kevin Johnson has a really good defense, he is very hard to hit cleanly. Just look at his fight against Vitali Klitschko, although he didn't go there to win he hardly got hit clean all night.

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Price Vs Fury hopefully in late 2013

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