Floyd Mayweather Wins - Easy Money

I guess every things already been said about how great Floyd's performance was against Robert Guerrero. I hate to say it because I wanted Floyd to be tested in this fight, but he was just too good for Robert Guerrero in every single department. I'm not gonna bore you with praising Floyd over and over because I bet that's all you've been reading since he skooled Guerrero. However, I will say this. I consider Marquez to be a really good fighter, maybe one of the best out there. The Only thing not on his side now is his age. But in saying that, look what he done to Pacquiao, and that was after the Mayweather defeat.

I also consider Robert Guerrero to be a very good, world class fighter. One of the best in and around his weight class. Floyd Mayweather beat these two fighters easily, and that's no easy task..People are saying Guerrero didn't try, but he did. He done the best he could with the ability and gameplan he had.

Floyd Mayweather Jr has gone beyond the level of World Class, he is in that higher place where he doesn't even have to think about what he's going to do, his super tuned instinct just does it for him automatically. Of course, training as hard as he does doesn't hurt either, and is definitely a huge contributor to his success. Another factor is the confidence he has from being an undefeated champion for so many years gives him an edge mentally over any opponent.

Who should he fight next? Everyone says Canelo. In terms of what the fans want to see, and also money wise that's a great fight. But judging on how fast Floyd looked against Guerrero I don't think Canelo would do very well. He's not fast enough..No disrespect to Canelo because he is a good fighter. Floyd has expressed an interest in wanting to fight in the UK for his next fight so we'll have to see what happens.

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