Chris Weidman Beats Anderson Silva

Once again the fight ends in a strange way. The first time Silva was clowning and got knocked out and now Anderson Silva breaks his leg ( Shin Bone ) in the second round when the low kick he tried to land got blocked by Weidmans knee. It was a nasty break. On the replay you can actually see Silva's leg get folded in half. Anderson Silva was also rocked in the first round by a punch while in the clinch. The punch seemed to wobble Silva and take away his legs. Weidman followed up with some heavy ground and pound but Silva managed to survive.

In all honesty, Silva didn't look that good in the fight and it made me think that Father time has maybe caught up with him. It reminds me of the Roy Jones Jr situation. He was untouchable in his prime just like Anderson but then as he got older and remained in the sport he just wasn't the same anymore. Silva should retire. The leg break is potentially a career ending injury anyway, which could take years to heal properly,  so it seems like the right time for Anderson to retire. Would Silva even feel confident throwing a kick again at full power if he was to return in a year or so.

Sadly, I doubt Anderson Silva will ever be the same fighter after tonight. But no doubt, if he did retire he would go down as one of the best MMA fighters ever so he has nothing to be ashamed of. It was a good night of fighting. The best fight was Rousey Vs Tate. The Judo throws stole the show. Shame the night had to end with a freak accident.

Good performance by Weidman who remains UFC Champion and a sad night for Anderson Silva and his fans.

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weidman is the spiders kryptonite