Monday, 14 December 2015

Golovkin Wants An Answer, Canelo

Triple G has waited long enough, he now wants an answer. Is Canelo going to fight him or relinquish the WBC Middleweight belt. Talks have been extended because Canelo or his team just couldn't seem to make up their minds on whether to risk the golden egg getting cracked wide open against Golovkin. Cotto and Canelo have been holding the WBC title hostage for long enough.

Fair enough, Canelo hasn't owned it long but he knew the situation before he beat Cotto for the belt. He knew forwell that he wouldn't have long to make up his mind. And all this talk about fighting at 155lbs..The Middleweight limit is 160. The fight for the middleweight title should be @ 160 or Canelo should be stripped of that title. What's happening to Boxing.

A fighter and his promoter can change the weight at which a legitimate title is fought at. We all know about catch weights etc, but it's turning into a joke. All they want is GGG drained like a prisoner of war so they have more of a chance to beat him. So unfair. Funny thing is, Canelo actually weighs more than Golovkin on fight night most of the time anyway and yet still claims he's not a genuine middleweight. He's scared, or at the very least, seriously concerned. Anyone can see it. Anyway check out Golovkins latest tweet to Canelo..I found it quite funny. Hopefully Canelo steps up and takes the challenge.

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Best Hand Grips - Strong Hands said...

Both are now going to fight a tomato can each before they have to face each other in the hope that it will build their fight more.. Just an excuse by the sounds of it. Oscar has the WBC wrapped around his little finger.

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