Monday, 17 November 2008

David Haye Vs Monte Barrett Weigh-In

David Haye Vs Monte Barrett Weigh-in

Well then, not long to wait now for David Haye Vs Monte Barrett.

David Haye Vs Monte Barrett is live on setanta tommorrow night (Saturday 15th November)

Both fighters looked in superb shape at the weigh-in, no insults were traded, and there was no trouble. After a lengthy stare down, they both went their seperate ways, looking forward to the fight.

It Should be a good fight. There has been some bad blood regarding food expenses and the space in Monte Barretts hotel room etc, so hopefully he's angry and will put on a good show. I hope all his moaning isn't because he's scared he might lose so he's making some excuses early.. Only time will tell.

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