Andy Ruiz Jr With His New Car

Looks like Andy Ruiz Jr has been on a spending spree. He has bought new cars, a new mansion, and the word on the street is that he has already spent a large majority of the money he earned from the AJ fight. If this is the case, with more material possessions like cars and houses comes more bills, so he needs that rematch money more than ever. His purse is reported to be 9 million dollars, which does seem low considering the rematch will generate well over 60 million. However, contracts are contracts, and Andy Ruiz Jr was more than grateful for the opportunity when he signed to fight AJ the first time.

Now however it seems like he is having second thoughts. A lot of people online are saying money has changed him. He's had a taste of the big time and is now doing everything he can to get more money. In some ways this is just human nature, but in another way it can be seen as plain greed. Either that or perhaps he isn't as confident as he is making out of beating Joshua a second time.

Whatever the reasons, Andy Ruiz Jr signed the contract to fight Joshua. That contract had a rematch clause in place with a set purse (9 million) should he beat Joshua. He won the fight. So now he has to be a man of his word and honor that contract. If he doesn't he will be sued into bankruptcy and will probably have to sell all the nice things he has recently acquired. Furthermore he will lose all the belts as well. Unless there is a loophole somewhere in the contract (very unlikely), he doesn't have a leg to stand on. He either fights or this situation will get very messy.

He is now making excuses about having to fight in Saudi Arabia. Fair enough, it's not a perfect location, but it is neutral for both fighters. At least much more neutral than America, Mexico or the UK. Andy says he is a Mexican warrior and has that Mexican fighting blood in him, but a real champion will fight anywhere in the world, regardless of what race or heritage they are from. I like Andy Ruiz Jr, always have, but he really needs to man up. Stop putting obstacles in the way and just fight. Because he did agree to everything that was in the contract months ago when he signed for the first fight.

Yes, that includes the set-purse for the rematch, and the location being wherever AJ and Eddie Hearn want it to be. All this hesitation and -I'm not fighting unless.. talk could also be the people around Ruiz (Advisers, managers, promoters etc) influencing his thinking and opinions. Who knows. But whatever happens, the fight should be taking place. I believe Ruiz is a better man than to not go through with what he agreed to. And if Ruiz can beat AJ in the rematch he will then be free to do as he pleases.