IKE IBEABUCHI Has Been Released 2022

IKE "The President" IBEABUCHI is back. He has been released from prison and is now back in Nigeria, and appears to be a free man. If you don't know who Ike is, he was one of the best up and coming Heavyweights of the 1990's. He was a serious force to be reckoned with, and in my opinion would have no doubt went on to become a heavyweight champion had he stayed out of trouble. At 20 wins and 0 losses he is still undefeated. Check out the video below of Ike working out. He is still in great shape for his age.

Now at 49 years old, he does plan to make a comeback. In all honesty, at almost 50 years old, I think we can all agree that his best days in the ring are behind him. But it would be great if he could get a few warm up fights against low level opposition [which is needed as he has been in prison for 20 years], then maybe fight on a Triller event against another boxing or MMA veteran.

Can Ike Ibeabuchi win a major title at 49. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened. George Foreman did it at 45, so you just never know. We'll have to see what he has left. But It only takes one punch in the heavyweight division.

Power is the last thing to leave a fighter. And Ike was a powerful guy. He is one of those guys, who even at almost 50, I wouldn't completely right off. If he does come back, I can't wait to see him in the ring again. If you haven't seem him fight, take a look at highlight video above or watch the full fight he had against David Tua. It was a war. I wish Ike all the best in his life and comeback to the ring. I'll be rooting for him. Be sure to subscribe to Ike's YouTube channel and send him your best wishes.