Tuesday, 8 March 2011

David Haye To Fight Wladimir Klitschko

David Haye To Fight Wladimir Klitschko In July 2011

At long last, pen has actually been put to paper and the contract has been signed. We can expect David Haye Vs Wladimir Klitschko to take place on either July 2nd or July 25th 2011. If, for any reason, Wladimir pulls out of the fight, David Haye will fight Vitali instead. This is a clause in the contract, so whatever happens Haye is going to fight at least one of the Klitschko brothers before he retires in October 2011.

This fight was worth too much money for it not to happen, and it's a fight that everyone wants to see. Other then the Pacquiao Vs Mayweather Jr match up, Haye Vs Wladimir is the biggest and most important fight out there.

David Haye, so far has always come out on top when the odds are stacked against him. He seems to thrive on the extra pressure. In Hayes fight against Mormeck, he went to the champions back yard and showed an impressive will to win. Haye was put on the canvas but managed to get up and go on to knock Mormeck out, basically becoming the Unified Cruiser Weight Champion of the world in the process.

Again, when Haye faced the Russian Giant Valuev, he went over to Germany and won the fight, becoming the WBA Heavyweight Champion. Fair enough, it was a boring fight in many ways, and some say that the decision was not fair. But this is boxing, a wins a win, and Haye did box the style of fight he needed to against such a mountain of a man.

David Haye travels very well, and I don't think that this fight being held in Germany will faze Haye at all. However, I do think that David Haye will have to be at his best to beat Wladimir in Germany come fight night. Wladimir is the favorite to win the fight, but I think it's a more even match up then most people think. David Haye stands a very good chance of beating Wladimir by knockout.

David Hayes main focus in training will be to practise getting past that superb jab of Wladimirs. The "Mike Tyson" style of bobbing and weaving, with side to side movement would work perfectly against Wladimirs jab. Haye needs to adopt that type of boxing style to get past the jab in this fight.


Anonymous said...


2e said...

wooo hooo go haye

zible said...

wlads due a beating blud and hayes da man to giv it him

gmp said...

both bros are to much for haye.

UFO said...

At least this time Haye is fighting a Klitschko.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I cant wait to see this fight. wladimir will win in round 11 or 12 when hayes tired

/geronimo said...

hayes gonna get exposed in this fight. Wlads jab is to good for haye to get past. when wlad connects haye wont know what hit him

Anonymous said...

hayemaker will chicken out of this fight before its time to step in the ring

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