Junior Dos Santos Beats Shane Carwin

Junior Dos Santos Beats Shane Carwin by Unanimous Decision

In the first half of the 1st round Shane Carwin looked good. He was trading punches with Dos Santos and seemed to be holding his own. But as the second half of first round came about Shane Carwin looked seriously gassed out. One minute he looked fine and the next he was caught with a glancing shot that sent him stumbling to the side of the cage. Santos  followed up with about twenty unanswered punches. It looked like the fight was going to be stopped but Herb Dean let it continue.

At one stage while Junior Dos Santos was destroying Carwin with punches against the cage, Santos actually looked to the referee as if to say; Aren't you gonna jump in. But the referee did not stop the fight, which I think was the correct decision as Carwin was still defending himself in the way of having his head turned away from the punches and positioning his hand up in front of his face to try to block the punches. The end result of this huge barrage of punches was Shane Carwin's nose being broken and his face looking a complete bloodied mess.

The rest of the fight was quite slow paced. Carwin was trying to clear his head, and Junior Dos Santos was landing punches but being very cautious also. He knew that he was going to win the fight and didn't want to make any silly mistakes and end up getting caught by a big punch from Shane Carwin. Junior Dos Santos was taken down a few times by Carwin but managed to get back to his feet quite easily. He showed excellent strength.

Shane Carwin did land some punches, but after that first round beating he was rather spent and looked more interested in just seeing the fight through to the end instead of trying to actually win the fight. Fair play to Shane Carwin, he showed a lot of heart by not giving up, but something tells me that if Dos Santos would have pushed the action a little more instead of fighting cautious, he probably would have stopped Shane Carwin.

Junior Does Santos will now fight Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Title.

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