Will David Haye Fight Vitali Klitschko

Will David Haye Fight Vitali Klitschko

There is a lot of talk going around at the moment that David Haye is coming out of retirement to fight Vitali Klitschko this spring. Many reports are claiming that this fight is already definitely happening and the only thing left to sort out is who will get what in terms of money splits.

This is a wise move by the Klitschko brothers, they know that David Haye still has huge selling power and they want another opportunity to cash in on it before it's too late. David Haye is already in light training for the fight and it was confirmed that Haye was sparring with George Groves and was completely knackered after just two rounds. But, I think it's safe to say that Haye was in retire mode and probably wasn't training at all.

Can David Haye beat Vitali?

Anything is possible. Vitali is much more willing to stay in the pocket and trade punches with his opponents. So Haye could have better chances to land punches then he did against the very clever but very cautious Wladimir. Saying that, even at 40 years old I still think Vitali is too mobile and far too skilled to lose to David Haye. Not to mention his power and iron chin. It should be interesting though, specially if Haye adopts the same "backing off and waiting for a counter punch" tactics that he did all night against Wladimir. I don't think Vitali will stand off and have the patience that Wladimir had. Vitali will get involved and this will lead to an exciting fight.

Stay tuned for this fight to be officially confirmed, which should be soon.


Anonymous said...

bad move by haye

rotty said...

Manuell Charr Vs HAYE. haye should have to fight a warm up, why should he jump straight into title contention.. Manuell Charr Vs HAYE for an eliminator. Charrs the WBC Silver champ