Friday, 24 February 2012

Povetkin Vs Marco Huck Weigh-In

Alexander Povetkin Vs Marco Huck Weigh-In

Marco Huck weighed in at 95 KG, which is considerably heavier then he's ever weighed when in "fighting shape". Obviously because he's never fought as heavyweight before, but this means his body is not used to carrying this extra weight (around 5 KG) and the chances are he will tire badly late in the fight. Many people thought he might come in just slightly heavier then the cruiser weight limit, maybe around 91 - 92 KG, but that's not the case. It should be an all action fight. Don't miss it. lol @ the long handshake like they were gonna start squeezing each others hand. Povetkin weighed in @ 104 KG.

Alexander Povetkin Vs Marco Huck Weigh-In Video

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