Friday, 18 May 2012

Another Boxer Failing Drug Tests

Another Boxer Failing A Drug Test

First it was Lamont Peterson that failed a drug test, now it's Andre Berto as well!. Berto was scheduled to fight Victor Ortiz in June but now that could be in jeopardy depending on what results come back for the drug test. Is there a logical explanation? The facts aren't clear yet so people mustn't jump to conclusions. But it doesn't look good for Andre Berto and his camp. And what about boxing as a whole..Two world class boxers failing drug tests while in preparation for the most important, high profile fights of their boxing careers. I hope there is a logical and easy explanation for Berto failing.

As for Lamont Peterson, he has already admitted to taking testosterone. So if Andre Berto doesn't fight Victor Oritz because of this where does that leave Ortiz. Well, there are talks of replacements stepping in to face Ortiz The show must go on. The replacement fighter that I think everyone would love to see against Victor Ortiz is Amir Khan..Why not? Both have now had their opponents fail drugs test so why not fight each other. That would be a great fight. One that would be making the best out of a bad situation. Sadly, I think Amir Khan just wants his old belts back before anything else.

Lets sit tight and see what happens. I hope Berto comes through clean so he still gets to fight Ortiz because that's an exciting rematch.


Retech Son said...

This is not a good trend now in boxing.. fighters caught on PED's in a very short succession. Unlike before we can say that it is like isolated cases that we may not drag boxing as a whole.

However, this time two star in a row? Now who's next?

canyoufight said...

Thanks for your comment. I can see why Floyd Mayweather wants Olympic style drug testing for any opponent he faces.

Retech Son said...

OSDT? is it really required? How how Lamont and Andre being caught? Is it through OSDT? if not then regular drug testing is still effective and can busted-up unclean fighters. There is no need for OSDT.

canyoufight said...

I think they were caught by a stroke of luck. Or perhaps they thought the "substance" would be undetectable under normal urine testing because the testosterone ratios would be too low to detect. There are many ways to "look clean" through normal testing. Specially if you know when the testing is going to be taking place. A few boxing coaches have even recently admitted this.

Personally I would like to see Olympic style testing being used more often. Specially in such high profile fights. Seperate the men from the boys. Or cheaters should I say. Urine testing is just not enough, there are too many ways around it.

Retech Son said...

if this is the case now in boxing I think boxing governing bodies should formulate their own way of testing that is similar to OSDT.

canyoufight said...

I agree

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