Broner Vs Malignaggi Face Off Video

Adrien Broner and Paulie Malignaggi face off this weekend in a fight that promises to have fireworks due to all the talk going back and forth between the pair. It's a great clash of styles between a great boxer in Malignaggi against a fighter still yet to really prove himself that has good boxing skills but is coming up in weight here to try and take Malignaggi's title. Broner is unbeaten so this it's a risky fight to take considering he is moving up two weight divisions for this fight. We can see why they have picked Malignaggi. Pick the weakest puncher with a title = Malignaggi = Easy money and title. I hope they get a shock. Broner and his team have obviously seen weakness in Malignaggi's game and think his title is there for the taking. We'll see what happens.

Broner Open Workout

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noname said...

Average fight. Lets hope Malignaggi can come away with the win and shut this Floyd Mayweather fake up for a while. Broner is arrogant and disrespectful. He try and copy Floyd Mayweather in everything he does with his squeeky self.