Monday, 27 July 2015

Shawn Porter Beats Adrien Broner

A scrappy affair which seen a gun shy and very dirty Adrien Broner lose to Shawn Porter on the score cards. The fight didn't really live up to the hype. Adrien Broner seemed scared to pull the trigger and was basically landing one flashy punch here and there and then sitting back and admiring his work. But it just wasn't enough to convincingly win any of the rounds. Shawn Porter as usual was aggressive, bull dozing forward.

He was the one who mostly pushed the action and dictated the pace, working in close and landing the odd head shot which made Broner tie up like a man who tasted some power and didn't want to taste no more of it. Did Broner ever recover from the beating he got at the hands of Maidana..It doesn't look like it. He looked like a faded fighter. He fought such a dirty fight, driving his forearms under Porters chin and pushing his gloves into the face of Porter numerous times.

It was a disgraceful performance from Broner. At one stage he even back handed Porter when Porter was behind him. The referee (Tony Weeks) gave Broner so many chances but finally took a point late in the fight. Broner did have some success in the 12th round when he caught Porter with a left hook at the start of the round, which put Porter down, but it was too little too late. Broner was already behind on the score cards and the experienced Porter was able to hang in there, tie up when needed, and survive the round without too much hassle. A good win for Shawn Porter. Well deserved.

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