David Haye Knocks Out Monte Barrett In Round 5

David Haye Knocks Out Monte Barrett In Round 5

Well, Monte Barrett gets knocked out in round 5 after being knocked down in earlier rounds numerous times.

Monte Barrett looked very slow on his feet and was swinging wildly. But he deserves a lot of credit as he showed a lot of heart, he stood in there for longer then many expected. Monte Barrett showed great heart and give it his best shot, which was no where near enough to beat David Haye.

I think David Haye looked pretty tired and should work on his defense, he seemed quite open to punches. David Haye still hasn't been tested punch wise, so the question still looms, can David Haye take heavyweight punches? Time will tell.

In my opinion, if Monte Barrett could of gone for a few more rounds he could of give David Haye some trouble as David Haye seemed to tire quickly.

The main thing for David Haye is getting the win, and winning in style, and he did do that. So it's on to the next step for David Haye on his Heavyweight Champion chip dream.

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derby said...

david haye stands a good chance of beating wladimir but not vitali

i vision hayes head getting buzzed by a demolishing blow from vitali klitschko. haye will be in no position to continue

he will be dizzy for weeks knocked into next week