David Haye vs Monte Barrett

David Haye vs Monte Barrett -15th November 2008

Has David Haye bitten off more then he can chew?

Monte Barrett is definately the gate keeper of the heavyweight division and i think he could give David Haye alot of trouble. The thing with Monte Barrett is, it depends which Monte Barrett turns up on fight night. He could turn up and just get knocked out straight away, or he could either give David Haye the hardest 12 rounds of his career or even knock David Haye out in the first round. That's how unpredictable he is. One thing is for sure, he is no push over.

David Haye vs Monte Barrett should be an exciting fight. David Haye has a suspect chin at lower weight classes, so at heavyweight he could be in serious trouble. David Haye says he will be too fast for the heavyweights but i think at some point in a 12 round fight you will get caught with a shot somewhere in the night, the question is what will happen when he does get caught with a flush punch.

To be honest, i hope David Haye wins, and i think he has the ability to do so.

In the final press conference Monte Barrett is not happy and says David Haye and his team are doing petty things to throw him off his game, such as a small hotel room, small amount of money for food each day etc.

With all this bad talk, it makes the fight more exciting. David Haye has talked the talk and has a lot to live up to. Let's see if he can produce the goods.

Goodluck Mr. Haye.

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