Monday, 17 November 2008

How To Defend Yourself

How To Defend Yourself

Need To Defend Yourself? Remember These Tips

Well, I would say most males would love to be good fighters. Sadly or maybe luckily, not all males have that fighting gene. But that doesn't mean you can't defend yourself, or learn to defend yourself.

Firstly, if you want to be able to defend yourself against being hit in the face, you have to be aware of the shot coming, if your not, your most probably going to get knocked out. Like the old, and very true saying goes, the punches that knock you out are the ones you don't see coming. If you are aware your going to get hit and see it coming, your body automatically tenses up and protects you, gets you ready for an impact.

So never forget, always stay alert when you know a fight situation is within arms length. People love to get the first punch in, and if your standing within range to be hit, you better be prepared. Don't stand in range and just try to talk it through. Keep your distance, if they want to get close to you back off a step or two, keep the distance there, and only close that distance if you know your going to fight or if you know the situation has been fully sorted out. If i know there is an argument or disagreement that cold turn nasty, I am NEVER in distance to be hit.

Also, never forget, a moving target is much harder to hit then a still one. If someone goes to hit you and you just slightly move your head either down or side to side, they have a good chance of not connecting properly. Same with your arms and hands. If you get used to having them up by your face in a fight, they will most definately save you from being hit flush in the face. Most people that on the street will use hooks, if you have your arm(s) up, almost in the position as if your using a mobile phone, but bring your elbow round and forearm round to cover the side of your face more. You have an excellent chance of blocking the hook with this type of arm position. So then you take the punch on the arms and not in the face.

Just remember, never let your guard down when you know a fight could take place.

Alcohol is such a bad thing when fighting, you will forget about keeping your arms up and your wits about you, forget about the distance and end up swinging punches like a crazy man. This is when you lose your fighting skills that would save you and you go to the "average guys" level. Make sure you don't go there. Don't drink too much!

To defend yourself you need to be able to think clearly, and drinking alcohol does the total opposite.

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