Joe Calzaghe, The best European Fighter?

Is Joe Calzaghe the best European Fighter?

I think Joe Calzaghe probably is the best European fighter, what other boxer in recent years has acheived what Joe has?

Will Joe Calzaghe now retire after beating two legends, Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones. I hope the temptation to keep on fighting isn't too much. Being 46-0 and undefeated in 18 years!This is a great record and i think he should retire and keep that superb record intact.

Joe Calzaghe is now in the record books with the all time greats, being one of a handful of boxers to retire undefeated. That's IF he retires now. He has nothing more to prove and i think no matter who he fight and beats, the American press will always have some angle to make the win look less of a victory then it was, something like, the fighter was too old, or too green etc.

Joe Calzaghe is not superman and if he keeps on fighting he will lose. Age catches up with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Without doubt Calzaghe is one of the best ever.

Anonymous said...

He should of fought out of the UK earlier in his career. Look at Carl Froch - First title defense in USA against Taylor.