Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ricky Hatton Vs Paulie Malignaggi

Ricky Hatton Vs Paulie Malignaggi At The MGM Grand

Ricky Hatton takes on Paulie Malignaggi on Saturday 22nd November.

Ricky Hatton looks in superb shape. He really looks better then i have ever seen him before. He seems to have found a new confidence, which is just what he needed. I was watching Hatton on the pads with Floyd Mayweather Senior and he looked great. Ricky Hatton always needed to sharpen up a bit in my opinion, he has always been a 'jump in face first type fighter', now he seems to be using his brain more. Floyd Mayweather Senior will bring out the best in Ricky Hatton im sure.

There is a little battle between the two camps. Floyd Mayweather Senior trains Ricky Hatton, and Buddy Mcgirt is training Paulie Malignaggi. These are two of the best boxing trainers and both trainers think there fighter is going to win. They also Both have specific tactics to ensure there fighters win easily so this should be interesting. One of them will be wrong, there will only be one winner..

Some of the top boxing writers and even active boxers are saying that Paulie Malignaggi could win this one. His style will be too much for Ricky Hatton. This is a fight between a brawler and a good boxer, but i think if Ricky Hatton can use what he has learnt from Floyd Mayweather Senior and take his time, pick his punches, he should win.


boo said...

magicman R10 KO

Anonymous said...

Hatton beat that boy silly. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

{Paulie has NO power at all. he couldnt even knock a kid down

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