Thursday, 11 December 2008

Antonio Margarito Vs Sugar Shane Mosley

Antonio Margarito Vs Sugar Shane Mosley

Antonio Margarito Vs Sugar Shane Mosley will happen on January 24th 2009. This should be an exciting fight. Antonio Margarito has been asking to fight another top name for quite some time, he finally gets his wish.

Antonio Margarito is super tough, his chin and punch resistance can be compared to a man with a head made of steel, he really takes a punch well, as he has demonstrated through out his boxing career,also lets not forget the Cotto fight, he took some serious punishment and just kept marching forward. But how will get on with Sugar Shane Mosley? Well, i think Antonio Margarito will cause Mosley many problems, you could say Margarito will beat Mosley because Cotto beat Mosley and Margarito beat Cotto. But it doesn't work like that, as we know, styles make fights, also tactics make fights, so you never know what can happen.

Sugar Shane Mosley is a great boxer-puncher. I think he will try to use the same sort of tatics that Cotto used against Margarito, the question is, will Mosley be able to keep Margarito off him for 12 rounds..I doubt it, considering Mosely is not getting any younger. So at times in this fight they will go to war, both can take hard punches, but i just think Antonio Margarito has the edge, purley because of his superior punch resistance and his terminator, come forward style. Sugar Shane Mosley could surprise people and win, but i would say Antonio Margarito will win this fight on a hard earned points victory.

I think it's good that Shane Mosley has stepped up to the plate to fight Antonio Margarito, he has been chasing the big fights for a long time, it's seemed like he has avoided by many good boxers. I think he will be very up for this fight, specially how long he has been kept waiting.

As always, may the best man win.


Anonymous said...

Marg R9 KO

Washington DC said...

Good fight but mosley is past his best

Anonymous said...

This will be closer then most people think

FLEXICO not MEXICO said...

Mosley will get beat up and retire from this fight.

Anonymous said...

Shane Mosely will give margarito one of his hardest nights work. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

you were so right.

mosleys on form at 38 yrs old.


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