Carl Froch Wins The WBC Title Over Jean Pascal

Carl Froch Wins The WBC Title Over Jean Pascal

Carl Froch Vs Jean Pascal was a superb fight. Carl Froch is now the new WBC Super Middle Weight Champion. Hats off to both Carl Froch and Jean Pascal, this fight was all action from start to finish.

Carl Froch trained so hard for this fight, he wanted that WBC belt more then anything. Well, he made his dream come true.

Every round of this fight was a trading of power punches, both fighters took some heavy punches and kept on going, so determined to win the vacant WBC Super Middle Weight Title, they both let it all hang out. There were some scarey moments for Carl Froch when he was caught by some big shots but he handled them well, Carl Froch's chin and punch resistance were tested like never before. Carl Froch handled the punches, he has a great chin, but he did get hit by way too many punches. Carls defense does need some work, if he was against a harder puncher with the amount of clean punches he got caught with he would of hit the canvas.

Now that Carl Froch is now the new WBC champion he will be facing some of the best fighters in the super middleweight division, like Kelly Pavlik, Mikel Kessler etc, so Carl Froch will have to tighten up his defense to stand a chance of defending his WBC belt.

Jean Pascal has nothing to feel ashamed about, he gave it his all and put up a great fight, but Carl Froch just seemed too determined, maybe he had the edge with the fight being in his home city of Nottingham and having all his fans and family there.

He fully deserved the win, he did not have an easy fight to win the title. Now he has to defend the title, with it being the WBC title, he will have people very eager to fight him. The WBC belt is the best and most highly regarded belt.


O said...

Froch fought a good fight. Full respect

Anonymous said...

defo - this should be brawl of the year

Anonymous said...

Froch has been bad mouthing calzaghe. he is not even in the same league. Froch seems arrogant. He will lose his first title defense.

Jedi said...

Ive been keeping up with froch and calzaghe trading insults myself. like has already been said froch hasnt proved himself worthy yet. if he beats taylor, pavlik or kessler then maybe people will take him more seriously. But at the moment he's just an ordinary UK domestic fighter who won a vacant belt against the little known jean pascal. his fight before that was against a polish health spar worker!

Anonymous said...

amen Return of the Jedi