Saturday, 6 December 2008

Martin Rogan Beats Audley Harrison On Points

Martin Rogan Beats Audley Harrison On Points

What a fight for Martin Rogan! Martin Rogan showed the heart of a lion. He fully deserved the win.

Is this the end for Audley Harrison? Whos knows, probably not knowing Audley Harrison. He has some skills, although he hardly uses them, and is lacking desire.

Martin Rogan was able to close the distance when he wanted to, and when he did, most the time he worked hard on the inside. Even on the outside he caught Audley Harrison wth some good shots. I was very impressed with Rogan, he showed true fighting spirit, he would not be denied. Martin Rogan got caught with a huge uppercut but he was able to hang on and get his head together.

Audley Harrison couldn't get his fight game going, he seemed lazy and didn't seem like he had the heart to dig deep. Audley Harrison does not like a close fight in terms of brawling, thats where he is most uncomfortable, Rogan's tactics were perfect for audley. Audley Harrison just could not find the answer to eliminate Martin Rogans heart and determination. A truely excellent fight for Martin Rogan, very impressive from the down to earth Irish man.

This was Audley Harrisons chance and he blew it, i think he should call time on his boxing career, he does not have what it takes. if he did win a world championchip belt it would be a miracle.


Jon Rhodes said...

Totally agree - Audley simply has nowhere to go in the professional ranks now. He best bet would probably be to return to the amateur game and win another gold for Britain in 2012.

Anonymous said...

GO on Martin Rogans 800 years and still fighting.(the fighting irish

Fast Eddy said...

Rogan is one tough guy. I know him in real life.

Anonymous said...

Audleys finished - Not that he was any good anyway

PMF said...
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Anonymous said...

Audley hahahahahahahahaha. AbsolutE JOKE! Beaten by a belfast taxi driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BiGGa said...

Yes Rogan has a big heart man. He is a tough guy, what he lacks in skill he more then makes up for with is heart. He will give |Matt Skelton a run for his money

Look at this Audley Harrison Interview lol said...

Check out Audley blaming everyone else for his non existant pro career!!!! There is no one else to blame audley..If you were any good and performed when it mattered you would be at the top you JOKE.

Cant stand people that blame everything else EXCEPT themselves!

Audley wake up man - You just kidding yourself.

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