Friday, 5 December 2008

Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao Weigh In

Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao Weigh In

The fight is almost upon us, Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao. This should be a great fight, there is so much interest in the fight. Freak show, easy win for Oscar De La Hoya, what ever you want to call it, this fight has gained total world wide interest.

Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao both look in superb shape at the weigh in. Both were comfortably within the weight limit. Oscar De La Hoya does look quite a bit bigger then Manny Pacquiao, but hey, size is not everything. If Manny Pacquiao can stick to his game plan of speed punching, in and out, hit and not be hit, he can win this fight. If he trys to trade and have a war with Oscar De La Hoya, i think he will get badly beaten. Don't get me wrong, the opposite could happen, Manny Pacquiao Could knockout Oscar De La Hoya, he does have the power and ability.

Manny Pacquiao has been sparring with guys in the gym similar to Oscar De La Hoya's style and size so he as prepared well for this fight, just as he does for any fight. No doubt this is the toughest fight of Manny Pacquiao's career. If Manny Pacquiao wins this fight, he will be looked at like superman! I wish him luck. Who ever wins this will almost certainly face Ricky Hatton, so i hope Manny Pacquiao wins as that would be a much fairer fight in terms of size.No matter who Ricky Hatton ends up fighting out of these two, it will be a sell out, most probably in England!

I do have the feeling that Oscar De La Hoya will win this fight, although Manny Pacquiao will put up a great fight, the size and strength of Oscar De La Hoya will just be a bit too much for Manny Pacquiao. I hope im wrong.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

pacman will lose this fight by ko

Mexico parade said...

Pacman is going down....Face down

Anonymous said...

pacman is a powerhouse and more then a match for oscar the big girls blouse.

PACFAN said...

Pacquiao Pacquiao Pacquiao Pacquiao

Anonymous said...

Wooooooo hoooooooo i won some bread

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