Thursday, 29 January 2009

Watch Boxing Online

Watch Boxing Online

Here you can watch boxing from the players below. The top player shows some of the best classic fights and is usually broadcasting between 10pm - 7am GMT. Or sometimes it can be on at any time so try your luck.

Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the world. There are so many true and moving storys about boxers, most don't make it to the top, but a few do. All boxers have one thing in common, a dream to reach the top. I hope you can imagine the disapointment of the ones that did not make it, but at least they tried their best, which is more then many arm chair warriors can say.

It takes a lot of courage to climb through the ropes and risk everything, so hats off to all the boxers to of ever laced up a pair of gloves, their all champions in their own right and they make boxing what it is.

The boxing channels that used to be available here for free have now been taken down. Sorry. Even Wiziwig has closed it's doors. It become increasingly difficult to watch boxing online for free.

9 comments: said...

Any idea where i can find salvador sanches fights?

Any help much appreciated.

Can I Live? said...

Hi moneymule, just go on youtube and type in his name, there will be loads of results.

Can I Live? said...

Hi moneymule, just go on youtube and type in his name, there will be loads of results.

Get Free things Like a domain name said...

I wonder who would win out of a fight between Ali Vs Tyson. Or is that a silly question lol. I think Mike tyson would of beaten ali.

Kimbo Vs Tyson seems a more real fight. Who do you think would win?

What about Pacquiao Vs Mayweather?

Or Mosley Vs Mayweather

Anonymous said...

In that boxing video playing now im surprised Rocky Marciano wasnt in the top 10 all time greats....He never lost FFS.!!

watch-boxing-online said...

Great stuff. keep up the good work

carling said...

boxing or mma? what do u like best?

Anonymous said...

MMA is slowly taking over boxing. but this super six tourney is giving a new spice to boxing. It needs more of that. If the heavyweight division would sort itself out we could see boxing rise up the ranks dramatically

deebo said...

Boxing never went anywhere its justs MMA getting more popular. Both have very good match ups and competitive fights.

Each has its own place

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